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Do I need an Aerial?

Yes, Freeview / Youview / Bt Vision is received through the TV aerial, so once you know you are in coverage all you need is a correctly aligned aerial.


The aerial needs to be connected to the aerial point in your living room with a good quality shielded aerial cable. Then you are ready to connect it to a Freeview digital TV, recorder or box, Youview box or a Bt Vision Box.


For most homes an existing aerial will work, as long is it is not out of position or damaged by the weather. If you have previously had a satellite dish installed the cable to the TV aerial may have been cut so you will need to make sure you have access to a working aerial cable.

If you do need a new aerial. Based on industry guidance, installation is likely to cost between £60 and £180, and an additional socket costs around £45. Loft aerials and portable set top aerials may work in areas where there is good reception but may be subject to electrical interference from other domestic appliances.


If your current picture quality is poor, you might have a damaged aerial or cable that needs attention from a professional installer.


In some cases the aerial will need to be upgraded to receive all the channels available to you.


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